A unique, new proposition for IFAs, EBCs, product providers and pension schemes.


‘Make sense of your retirement’ provides IFAs, EBCs, product providers and pension schemes with unique content, available under license, that can be white labelled to mirror your brand design at much less than it would cost to develop the material from scratch. The license also includes a complete update service to make sure the material is accurate and kept up to date.


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The content covers all financial aspects of retirement: Not just private pensions, everything from State pensions, using non pension savings in retirement, generating income from the home, increased age allowances, Winter Fuel Allowance, free bus passes, Senior Railcards and much, much more.


It’s aimed at helping your employees or customers approaching retirement to understand the financial choices and decisions they need to make using language they can understand. It can make a significant difference – our estimates suggest retirees could be losing out on £1500 in income and benefits each year.


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